What is the best financial decision I’ve made so far?

I was being asked this question during my recent training session. When I was thinking about the answer of this question, lots of memories flowing out from my mind, it reminded me on my investment journey together with my husband.

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Do we really need to be wealthy?

Being wealthy allow us to enjoy the life we want, do the things we like to do. Money is power, it helps you to be able to do more, see more, learn more, own more and give money than if you don't have the money. More money simply provides more choices.

Why Investing in Unit Trust?

There are a lot of investment vehicles in the market, e.g. shares, unit trusts, properties, options, futures, etc. Why unit trust? Some people will ask me. The answers are simple. It is because of the following reasons:-

The Power of Compounding Interest

Compound interest means that you begin to earn interest income on your interest income, resulting in your money growing at an ever-accelerating rate. It is the fundamental of growing your wealth and anyone can take advantage of the benefits through a disciplined investing program.

Why it is important to invest your money?

The Importance of Money Investing: When you invest, you use money you have to buy assets that have the potential to increase in value, provide regular income, or do both. As you accumulate these assets, your net worth and your financial security grow.

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